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On the 15th April 1989 the worst disaster in Football History unfolded in Sheffield as 96 innocent Liverpool fans lost their lives.

Tranmere were away from Prenton Park that day as they met their Division Four fixture against Hartlepool United. The game was a somewhat acceptable 2-2 draw with Steel and Muir scoring for Tranmere but on that day the events in the North East for Tranmere were quickly forget as the horrific tragedy at Hillsborough was relayed across the country.

The tragedy at Hillsborough brought not only Liverpool fans together but all the clubs of Merseyside as whether you were a red, blue or a white you all mourned together.

On the 22nd of April Tranmere held a memorial service at Prenton Park to remembers those who had lost their lives in Sheffield. Of the 96 supporters that died that day 12 had been from the Wirral with some growing up just round the corner from Prenton Park.

Ten thousand local people came to Prenton Park that day united in grief at the loss of some many innocent lives.

Hymns were sung and the names remembered as the Tranmere and Liverpool skippers Jimmy Harvey and Ronnie Whelan laid floral tributes at the ground.

The Hillsborough tragedy transformed Prenton Park as the Taylor Report changed the safety levels at grounds, levels which Prenton Park could not reach. The ground we see today is a direct response to the events at Hillsborough.

The memory and the injustice of the Hillsborough disaster has never been forgot with a minutes silent regularly held at Prenton Park. Andy Robinson showed his support on a shirt he displayed after scoring against Coventry in September.

Although Justice looks to finally be in reach of the families we must never forget the innocent loss of life that day and decades of lies that was spread. JFT 96